Breakthrough VS Conquest

Breakthrough VS  Conquest

For people who can become rich and successful, you must have the spirit of breakthrough. What is the spirit of breakthrough?

Breakthrough is a heart attitude and actions that can exceed the limit of our capacity, in which we can penetrate boundaries and limitations that have jemmy in life.

This attitude is needed by all those who want to become a leader or leaders in any field. However, to have the spirit of the breakthrough is not easy. There is a price to be paid. You will be spelled lunatic, screwball, crank, and others. If you are not ready then, you will give up.

According to Robin Anthony, people who are successful people who can penetrate or exceed the capacity limits or that it has limitations. The same as that spelled out by the teachers and mentors in my site through the specialisasinya limit or breakthrough. Anthony Robin says, if we want rich and successful, we must have the spirit of breakthrough. This spirit is very much needed by those who did not want to be like normal people, like you and me. By reading this article, you already have the spirit of beakthrough that is not owned by another person, and you must be a leader in any field you are.

But you also have to be prepared mentally because if diomongin the actions and deeds that you do different to most people. Action here must be a positive and useful for many people. Or, at least result in both of your relationship with your family and your job now.

Spirit of breakthrough we can make human mantab (men without limit) and a success. Spirit is very much needed by you, every leader, both in companies and in business.

Do you get the money, the amount of any such, if already reached a certain limit is usually the money runs out. For example, you get the money or the business of Rp4.000.000 project. If you reach the number, then the money runs out or you will not be enough anymore. People like this have a limit in his life. That is, he is a financial limit Rp4.000.000. If the number is up, then usually it is not capable anymore.

This is where spirit of breakthrough needed. You may not be comfortable in a number Rp4.000.000. You have to go through your financial limits with the number Rp4 billion. Or, at least you should be able to get money to Rp10 billion, then you have the spirit can be said of the breakthrough.

If you already have the spirit of breakthrough, they do not only satisfied with the condition at this time. People who have the spirit of breakthrough will usually have plenty of money, because money will chase you. Do not just satisfied with having a lot of money and property are abundant. However, you must also have the spirit of conguest.

What is the spirit of conquest? Spirit is the spirit of conquest that can  conquest  all that you get and you live in this search. If you can have a lot of money, but does not have a harmonious life with the family, this is quite useless.

Spirit of conquest can  conquest all you get and you are looking for this. Spirit This is a very huge role in your life succesful. For example, before you life and the poor lack. Then, you borrow money to your rich friends. However, even scolding and cursing that you received from this gentleman. Then, you decide for the rich and successful far beyond the rich are.

And, after going through a very long struggle and tear drops, 5 years and then eventually you become successful entrepreneurs in this country. You have a lot of money everywhere. Then, you will remember someone who you have first requested assistance. But, you only get a scolding and cursing from him.

You have a right to make the rich friend who you reply to all the resentment-resentment that you get at the time. However, if you have a  spirit of conqest for  self, you will not reply to a crime that you receive at the time. If you respond, then I make sure that you’re not a man who has a clean heart.

And, I am very confident, success means you do not have. The success of all you get. You can have abundant wealth, but far in the hearts you have an empty hole you find. And you think, with all the money you can fill in, including vacuum and emptiness of your life.

Spirit of conquest not mean you conques  others. But, more to the spirit  your heart. Do not leave property or property that you receive or accrue solely to indicate that you are more powerful or more successful people from others.

A conqueror or congueror not be himself. However, he must be thinking what can he give to the surrounding environment with the success and wealth. Your success will not be useful if you do not make other people more successful from you.

So, my one dream to make this nation, the Indonesian people who are gathering a success. So, I am very confident that once our nation will become a great nation (such as word Ono W. Purbo, telecommunications specialist), with the heart and mind.

And, I strongly believe that this nation will become the nation being considered by other nations because these nations have great people like you and me.

You are great people who can make changes to this nation. You are an invaluable asset that will cost the nation. If you do not realize it, this is mere vanity.

As the nation’s children, you must have the spirit of breakthrough and the spirit of conquest. Because, the two things are very closely related succesful for you and for nation.

Never satisfied only have spirit of breakthrough, because you will be a proud man and if you only have a lofty spirit of any breakthrough. But, spirit of conquest that spirit to be able what YOU are looking for and dream. And, I am very confident that once succesful of  you and your property will receive delicious taste. Like eating chocolate mixed with roasted bananas, ditaburi strawberry jelly, a hot cheese coated, and almond ditambahi bean, and sugared on top of warm, nyam … nyam … nyam ….

Just as property and succesful that we find and get. Everything must be one that can not be separated between the spirit of breakthrough with the spirit of conquest. Both things are very closely related and can not stand on its own.

My questions, if you already have an attitude or you do not have at all?

You are the answer to all this.

Salam mantab (Man Without Borders)

[Mario Einstain]


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